Skoda DPF Removal

  • Skoda DPF Removal

    We offer a full Skoda DPF removal service which also increases fuel economy, power and torque! Read more about DPF removal.

Skoda, Seat, VW and Audi all share their engines and our most popular engine for DPF removal is the 2.0 TDI 170 PD, you can read more about this engine here. This engine is found in the Skoda Octavia vRS (2006-2008). Unlike many other DPF removal companies, we have a 100% working solution for this engine and most customers also combine the DPF removal with a remap to take the process from a repair into a performance upgrade. Most people believe that extracting more power from an engine means less fuel economy! This isn’t the case, many customers have experienced up to 10mpg improvement since the DPF removal and remap!

The newer 2.0 TDI CR engine found in the Skoda Octaiva and the Skoda Yeti have “tuner protected” ECU’s, which mean the ECU has to be removed to be programmed on the bench using another specialist tool. We can carry out DPF removal and remapping on these engines too.

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