Project BMW 330D undergoes further software modifications! – Now with Hybrid turbo!

Thanks to more testing and development at our HQ in Crewe, Cheshire, our own project car, a BMW 330D has reached a level of power which is said to be impossible by others. The 2006 BMW 330D Auto recorded figures of 310BHP / 710NM on our rolling road thanks to a number of software upgrades designed to put the driver back in control.

We firmly believe that we now have an unrivalled remap for the BMW 330D M57 diesel engine.

Why not upgrade your car to stage 2 power when having the DPF removed? Talk to our team today on 0800 002 90 55 for more information.

*Update* – Our BMW 330D now has a More-BHP Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo fitted! We have achieved 330bhp / 730nm with a hybrid turbo fitted.

You can read more about our BMW 330D project car here.

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