My DPF light keeps coming on, what shall I do about it?

If your wondering why your DPF light has come on then it means that your DPF is partially blocked and needs to regenerate. You could experience loss of engine power (limp mode) until a regeneration has taken place and this could unfortunately be a start of your problems with the DPF. Once the DPF light has come on you should drive in 4th gear at around 2000 RPM on a dual carriage-way or motorway for 20-45 mins to initiate regeneration of the DPF. If this does not clear the DPF warning light, you should get your car diagnosed or consider DPF removal.

How much does DPF removal cost?

Please fill in a quote form and we will get back to you with a cost for DPF removal.

If I carry on driving my car with the DPF light on, can it damage the engine?

If the DPF light has only come on recently, it just means that your DPF is getting blocked and you should try and regenerate it to clean it out. You will still be OK to drive your car, although driving it on a dual carriage-way or motorway for 20-45 mins in 4th gear at 2000RPM to initiate regeneration would be the best thing to do. This may clear the DPF light.

If the DPF light and other lights are on your dashboard, this could mean that the DPF is getting really blocked and a regeneration is required urgently to avoid damage to the engine. Sometimes the increased exhaust back pressure can cause the oil in the sump to fill with diesel which can cause complete engine failure.