DPF Postal Service

What is a DPF postal service?

A DPF postal service is available to customers who wish to buy the Stage 1 (software) DPF removal for their car. For this service, the ECU needs to be removed from the car and posted to us, we can then perform the DPF removal and post the ECU back.

1. The ECU is removed from the car

First of all the engine ECU needs to be removed from the car. If you are unsure of this process or where your engine ECU is located, then please contact us first for guidance.

2. The ECU is posted to our HQ

Once the ECU has been removed, place it in a jiffy bag and send it to our headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire with a note detailing your name, address, contact number and vehicle. Payment can be taken over the phone or you can place a cheque inside the jiffy bag. Please send by Royal Mail Special Delivery only.

3. The DPF functions are removed and the ECU is returned

Once we receive the ECU in the post, we remove the DPF functions from the ECU and send it back. 99% of the time, the ECU is programmed and returned the same day.

  • Sending your ECU?

    Call us first on 0800 002 90 55 so that we know to expect it!

    Sending you ECU via post is a fast turnaround and offers great value for money!