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  • BMW DPF Removal

    We offer a full BMW DPF removal service which also increases fuel economy, power and torque! Read more about DPF removal.

Compared with many other manufacturers the DPF systems fitted to the BMW vehicles arn’t that bad, it’s the high replacement prices and service schedules which give a great need for DPF removal. BMW state that the DPF’s fitted to the 325d, 330d, 335d, 520d, 525d, 530d and 535d are to be replaced between 100,000 – 120,000 miles, however, many customers experience the DPF light coming on well before this mileage. This can be due to many reasons, normally it’s because the owner does a lot of “around town” driving, or that the car has developed a fault causing it to smoke more than usual and this extra smoke is blocking the DPF up prematurely. It should be noted that during the DPF removal at our HQ in Crewe, Cheshire we carry out a full diagnostic checks before and after DPF removal and visually check the vehicle for the common faults that these BMW’s develop. Once the DPF removal is complete, the customer is then notified of any other remedial work that may need to be done. The most common problems on BMW’s are the glow plugs which fail causing more smoke when the vehicle is cold and once 3 or more glow plugs have failed, the DPF doesn’t regenerate.

The cost for a replacement DPF on a BMW vehicle is usually around the £1,500 mark depending on the dealership and removing the DPF on the 3 and 5 series is a notoriously labour intensive task. Once labour and VAT has been taken into consideration the bill can be near £2,000, giving a greater need for DPF removal on these cars.

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