BMW 330D DPF Removal – Project 330D


This is our very own 2006 BMW 330D Auto which was bought in June 2009 and has come a long way in terms of software modifications since that date. Before touching the car, power started at 231BHP / 500NM and a stage 1 remap can increase these figures to 280-290BHP and 620NM, quite an improvement!

We removed the DPF from the 330D, not because it had failed but because we wanted to develop a real DPF removal solution for BMW vehicles from scratch. A lot of DPF removal software offered by other companies doesn’t work correctly and upsets the normal routines carried out by the ECU. The DPF has been removed for 2 years + now and has been taken for MOT’s at our local centre without issue.

The fun part about the DPF removal with the 330D is that we can take the car to stage 2. With increased flow and reduced exhaust gas temperatures we are able to ask for more from the 3 litre straight 6 lump. After two years of tweaking and refining, we believe that we have¬†unrivalled¬†software for the 330D. The latest dyno figures reveal 310BHP / 710NM, nothing spins the rollers on the dyno with the same ferocity and even the remapped 335d’s (not ours) we have seen cannot match project 330D for torque.

From the factory, BMW dull down the throttle response and feel of the engine to prevent accidental pressing of the accelerator pedal over rough ground and to prevent clutch slip or drivetrain noise. This is OK in the larger 5 or 7 series models but lacks luster in the 3 series sports saloon. We have now been able to deactivate this feature so that the throttle can respond 100% reliably when you press it. This alone can transform the car and is advised for those who are serious about driving. Throttle response is also reduced when the fuel light comes on, this feature can also be deactivated.

We can also add the following features to the car, which are now available with our stage 2 DPF removal service:

-Speed limit removal

-EGR deactivation

-Launch control (manual variants only)

-Race / Stage 1 / Stage 2 / Custom remaps

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