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  • DPF Removal

    Having trouble with your Diesel Particulate Filter? We have solutions for complete DPF removal including the hardware and software.

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DPF Removal for your car

In recent years, automotive systems have advanced significantly and tasks which were once simple to do on your own, have become a job only for the experts. Such is the task of removing a Diesel Particulate Filter from your exhaust system. If you would like to read more about what these filters do, click here.

What is involved?


First of all, the filter hardware needs to be removed from the exhaust system and this can be achieved via two methods; (i) a replacement pipe can be fitted (only available on some vehicles) or (ii), the current pipe can be modified by removing the DPF brick from the inside. Both of these methods are permanent and tested.


Next, the software needs to be removed from the ECU of the car so that the active and passive regeneration cycles, and any other DPF functions are no longer in operation. This can be done via removing the ECU and programming it on the bench or flashing it through the OBD socket inside the car.

Why should I remove my DPF?

Previous problems

If you have had previous problems with the filter on your car, then complete removal will eliminate these problems.

More power & torque

The Diesel Particle FIlter is a large obstruction in the exhaust system of your car and removing it can increase the flow and therefore release more power and torque.

More fuel economy

The Diesel Particle FIlter is a large obstruction in the exhaust system of your car and removing it can reduce pumping losses and therefore increase fuel economy by up to 20%.

Prevent future problems

The Diesel Particle FIlter is a complex system and removing it from your car can help prevent problems in the future.

Avoid expensive repair

DPF's often cost in the region of £1,500 to replace and choosing to completely remove the system from your car can save you money.

Increase reliability

When DPF's malfunction, this often causes limited performance from the engine or even non-running of the engine.

Diesel Particle FIlter Failure

For many people, removing the DPF from the exhaust system will be because they have experienced problems with the unit itself. Many filters become clogged as a result of them failing to regenerate and therefore display warning lights on the dashboard and in some cases limiting engine performance. Due to a Diesel Particle FIlter being described by dealerships as a ‘wear and tear’ item, vehicle manufacturers will not replace them under warranty and can be costly (usually around £1,500) to replace. We can usually remove the DPF from your vehicle for a fraction of that price!

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